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Lydian Licks Shape 1. Blues Scale Licks Shape 3. Aeolian Mode Licks Shape 1. Mixolydian Licks Shape 4. This simple system helps you easily relate each scale pattern to an individual chord shape anchor. Of course, each exercise is also included as an audio track too. Blues In A Jam.

Jam out with the pentatonic scale at the 5th or 15th fret. Also try using the Major Pentatonic scale at the 8th fret. Funky C Minor Jam custom player. Sometime you just have to get a little funky! Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 8th fret to rock out to this jam. E Minor Percussive Jam custom player.


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This jam track blends some unique rhythms with some great chords to jam on. Use the minor pentatonic scale at the 12th fret for this one.

Chillin In C Minor custom player. Or use your pentatonics. Get your hairspray out and crank the gain on your amp!

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This uptempo rock riff will get your heart rate up. This groovy jazz progression is great for Non Jazz players because you can use the same scale and not have to worry about switching scales as the chords change, which is usually the case in Jazz. Spanish Groove custom player. As the name implies we are going to get that Spanish sound jamming with this chord progression. Remenance custom player.

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Glistening Piano Melody custom player. This track is in the key of Eb minor so start your minor scales at the 11th fret of the E string.

5 Easy Mixolydian Licks for Jazz guitar with Tabs

Mike Deiure January 20, pm. As of right now all of our videos and lessons are only available via streaming on the website.

They are not, at this time, downloadable or on DVD. BobLeonard June 3, pm.

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Mike, I have another question. Is it possible to download these jam track files so that I can use them when I have no Internet connection or a bad one? Mike Deiure June 4, am. Bob June 3, pm. Looking forward to trying these. One question, though. In a couple of the A minor ones, you suggest starting at the fifth or fifteenth fret. Tammy January 31, am. You will learn the solo, the rhythm guitar, and there is also a lesson on technique and tone. Also included via separate download: 5 mp3 files, Tab and Guitar Pro files.

A 2nd download link is also provided, which has the complete big download - 1. Download size: 1. Length: 1. Comping With Triads - Full Download 1. Size of download: 1. Total length: Length: 61 minutes.

Size: 1 GB. Total size of download: 3. The 2 DVDs will be mailed to you within 2 business days. The accompanying lesson files are provided as a download. James Infirmary Blues - Download One of my most popular song lessons. Comes with 13 Videos, Tab, Guitar Pro, mp3 tracks and neck diagrams. Length of lesson: Comes with 2 downloads - the full Download, and the lesson files only.

Also included is a lesson on playing with Open G tuning - riffs and a 12 bar blues. Intermediate level. A fun, straight blues. The first part focuses on strumming in a funky way. The second part is an Intermediate solo. The third part is a challenging and hip Advanced solo. Comes with backing tracks, solo tracks, Guitar Pro, TAB, and detailed breakdowns of all licks and strumming patterns.

The DVD is sent within 2 business days, but you also get the full download instantly delivered to you.

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