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Find Recent Episodes. Trina Robinson, while researching online, discovers a shocking family history. See More Radio Hours. Listen On the Air The Moth Radio Hour airs on radio stations around the world, reaching over 1 million listeners every week. Select your State or Country Select Learn more about our Hosts here. For all her progress communicating, Carly still needs constant supervision. A family member or aide is always at her side, directing her through simple daily tasks like brushing her teeth, fixing her hair, even eating. Nothing is easy.

But like most teens, Carly likes music, boys, clothing and of course going to the mall. Carly has been very clear that she sees herself as a normal child locked in a body that she has little to no control over. So in public, everything has to be broken down and planned to control her impulses.

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In the past she has wandered off, even stolen goods. Side by side with her twin sister, Taryn, it would be easy to dismiss Carly as intellectually challenged. That is, until you ask her a question. For instance, Why do autistic kids cover their ears, flap their hands, hum and rock?

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Carly: "It's a way for us to drown out all sensory input that over loads us all at once. We create output to block out input. Carly's brain, unlike most of ours, is overwhelmed by the senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. She calls it audio filtering. Carly: "Our brains are wired differently. We take in many sounds and conversations at once. I take over a thousand pictures of a person's face when I look at them.

That's why we have a hard time looking at people. I have learnt how to filter through some of the mess. To help keep Carly calm -- and keep her impulses in check -- she listens to music, swims and even does yoga, which has helped with her breathing and posture. Carly's family and therapists emphasize that no one is physically directing her to type, as some skeptics, they claim, have suggested.

No one is touching Carly's fingers, no one is moving anything, no one is prompting her or telepathically insinuating what she should type. Nicole Walton-Allen, an early skeptic, concedes: "In retrospect, it is quite clear that Carly obviously had skills that we were not aware of and she needed a vehicle to express herself.

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One of the things that makes Carly so unique is her tremendous sense of humor. For instance, this exchange with her therapist:. Carly: "I'm so cute blind people stop and stare. Carly: "Matthew smells so bad skunks run and hide. Besides her obvious spunk and tenacity, Carly is empathetic and recognizes the love and sacrifice her family has made for her, something she conveyed to her father on his birthday. Carly: "Dear Dad, I love when you read to me. And I love that you believe in me. I know I am not the easiest kid in the world. However you are always there for me holding my hand and picking me up.

I love you. I'll spend every penny we have to hear that," Fleischmann says. He also notes that Carly's breakthrough was the result of thousands of dollars spent on years of intensive therapy. It's the kind of money most families unfortunately could never afford to spend on their autistic children.

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A year after we first met Carly, she is happier, calmer and more independent. She also has her own internet blog and twitters regularly, answering questions from people all over North America about her experience with autism. And Carly continues to mesmerize people by trying her hand -- that is, her finger -- at writing a novel called "The Elephant Princess. But experts we spoke to said Carly's abilities are extremely rare and that her case should not raise false hope.

The Fleischmanns know that Carly is not out of the woods.

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She will likely require considerable support for the rest of her life. But Carly knows that she now has a voice that can help other kids. She looks at herself as someone who can make a mark on the world. Carly: "I think the only thing I can say is don't give up. Your inner voice will find its way out. Mine did. For more information on Carly, you can visit her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

All she can hear are the sounds of the animals. But what she does not know is that the sounds aren't just random sounds. In fact, the animals are talking to each other. People think that a lion's roar is its way to scare you. But let me tell you from experience that a roar is not just a roar. Actually a roar can mean many things depending on the tone. I think that humankind is just oblivious to things that have been around for many years. I think humans are so silly. See us animals are much smarter because we understand what is going on around us.

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But that's another story for another day. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Carly Fleischmann. Her finger hovers over the keyboard, sometimes for hours, before she painstakingly begins to type: "You don't know what it feels like to be me, when you can't sit still because your legs feel like they are on fire or it feels like a hundred ants are crawling up your arms.

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