How to Make Big Money in the Flea Market Business

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These include:.

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Yes, you can become a professional flipper by buying items from one or more flea market, yard sales, auctions, or thrift stores and reselling them in other flea markets for profit. This is a simple buying and reselling strategy of business that also works great with making money at flea markets.

It works when you buy an item cheap, add your profit margin, then resell the same item at another flea market. Related: Cash For Clothes … and how to successfully sell used clothes online. This is where you use the power and reach of the Internet to make more money than you spend buying from these offline sources.

You simply learn how to post the items online to make sales. You can even find best one day sales from other places to buy at low prices and resell at higher prices. There are many other similar online marketplaces that you can use to resell items you bought from flea markets. You can even find Facebook groups or similar online groups to resell items to within your locality. I read once of someone even getting free makeup samples and other things online for free, and flipping them to others for extra money.

To make real money selling at flea markets, you can master the art of finding and buying rare items that are of high quality. Such items are easier to resell at higher prices than you bought them because everyone loves high quality stuff. But of course, sometimes the most expensive items you can sell are those that are weird and vintage. Such weird and vintage items might even help you make dollars fast , if done right. So, take your time to search through the items on sale at different flea markets to look for durable and quality items.

You will do well looking specifically for those types of items that will appeal more to the taste of those who can and have the money to spend. This can even be one of the jobs for stay at home moms looking to make extra money. Apart from stay at home moms, students looking for how to make money can also give this a try, in their free time.

How to Start a Flea Market Business

Mastering the art of negotiation is very important if you want to make money buying and selling at flea markets. Whether you are buying merchandise to resell or you are trying to sell your stock to an interested buyer at these markets, you should apply good negotiation skills. How you bargain or negotiate would determine how much you will earn from each item, especially when haggling is allowed.

State if any there are any damages, dents, scratches and scuffs, etc on any of the items you want to sell. This helps to give your potential buyers all they need to make a buying decision. It also lets them know what benefits they would enjoy with the item, before they buy. More so, it is significant that you are sincere about whatever else the buyers need to know, before they buy.

People would trust you for not making an item sound better than it is. And the more people trust you, the more likely they will come again to buy from you, or even refer others to buy from you. Instead you should drive more customers to your booth or stall by advertising where you are and what items you have for sale. The more places you advertise your items for sale, the more people will find out about them and reach out to you to buy.

Arousing the curiosity of passersby at flea markets can provide the opening you need to talk about your offer. Also See: Used Boats and how you can buy cheap and sell high!

How to Start a Business in a Flea Market |

Some items require practical knowledge on how they work. You need to master how such products work. Before you start a flea market business however, there are a few things you should know. While some people make a full-time living as swap meet sellers, most simply do it for some extra cash and because they enjoy the atmosphere.

8 Ways to Make Money at a Flea Market

The upside is there is little initial investment required for most. Table Rental — This will vary quite a bit depending on whether the market is indoors or outdoors and whether you want electrical hookups. In California on the other hand, you may be paying that rate for one weekend day. Occupational License — Many flea markets and swap meets will require you to have an occupational license. This is acquired through your county and is purchased on an annual basis. Sales Tax — You will need to collect sales tax on any sold items. Some flea markets will collect this from you at the end of the day.

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If you are a licensed seller, you can submit it to the state directly. Goods to Sell — The wonderful thing about these venues is they welcome almost any seller. For that reason, this is a great place to start testing the waters of becoming a reseller. Clean out your closets, attic and garage. If things go well start seeking out items to resell outside of your home.

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You will find a great list of ideas here. Before starting a flea market business become familiar with the industry. Shop the swap meets. What are they looking to buy? You should also spend a little time talking shop with the vendors themselves. Ask how they got started.