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Jack wakes up after being flung into the woods. Then he runs back towards the beach and sees carnage for miles. During the final episode, Locke and Jack head to the Hatch while Sawyer, Jin, Michael, and Walt try to head off the Island on the raft they constructed. For the briefest of moments, you thought that they were going to successfully escape the Island.

After so many years constantly being torn apart and find each other again, Jin and Sun once again were together as the group were trying to escape the Island while leaving the Man In Black stranded. While on the submarine, they find C4 and Sawyer inadvertently detonated the bomb. Sayid sacrifices himself getting the bomb to the other side of the ship. But the ensuing explosion traps Sun under the wreckage.

Jin and Michael reunite to try and dismantle the bomb on the boat. As the chopper heads back to refuel and fix the leak, Jin gets left behind as the chopper takes off again. The freighter explodes, and the blood curdling scream that Sun lets out as she seemingly watched her husband and a lot of others get blown sky high is the very definition of heartbreaking.

As Keamy held a gun to her head to get Ben to surrender. Not only does he try to manipulate his way out of the situation, he does his best to bluff and tell Keamy that Alex means nothing to her and he merely kidnapped her as a baby. The mercy shoots her and Ben has no choice but to watch on in silent horror. Charlie knew it was destiny to die. With that in mind he volunteered to head to the Looking Glass with Desmond to try to destroy the signal interference, blocking radio transmissions to the Island. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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The fragments of these vessels then fell to lower levels, becoming absorbed into the various worlds below the world of Tohu. The three uppermost vessels had the ability to contain the lights designated for them and did not die…. This descent was their demise. But this was only as regards the seven lower nekudot , whereas the three uppermost vessels had the ability to contain the lights designated for them and did not die… The vessels of the seven lower [ nekudot ] descended to the world of Beriya … but their lights remained above, exposed, without vessels. Scripture hints at this process in describing the succeeding kings of Edom: "These are the kings who ruled in the land of Edom before any king ruled over the Israelites 8.

Bela son of Be'or became king… He died and was succeeded as king by Yoav … Yoav died, and he was succeeded as king by Chusham… Chusham died, and was succeeded by… etc. The Arizal explained that this refers to the sefirot of Tohu , each of which rules exclusively, and then shatters and "dies. Thus Tohu was a primordial form of existence that "was created in order to be destroyed, and destroyed in order to be rebuilt" in a superior form see Mevo L'Chachmat HaKabbala part 2, shaar 6, ch.

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The order of creation that followed the disintegration of the world of Tohu is called the world of Tikun literally translated as "rectification" or "restoration". In the words of the Midrash Bereishit Rabba ; , as explained by the Arizal, "these please Me" refers to the sefirot of Tikun, whereas the sefirot of Tohu "do not please Me".

The sefirot of Tikun were emanated in such a way that they work together interdependently and harmoniously, as partzufim literally, "visages" - sing. A partzuf is a metaphorical figure of human likeness, used to represent the expansion of an individual sefira or group of sefirot into a configuration with ten sefirot of its own. As mentioned, the partzufim work as symbiotic harmonious systems instead of the discrete, independent, overpowering nekudot of Tohu.

What could not be elevated into Atzilut remained in Beriya …. Although the sefirot of Tohu shattered and "died," nevertheless, a residue of the lights that were contained in the vessels remained clinging to the fragments of the vessels. These are referred to by the Arizal as the nitzotzin literally "sparks" - the initial number of fragments from the vessels that broke. Mevo She'arim, shaar 2, ch. Although the fragments of the vessels initially fell into the world of Beriya, when their rectification tikun began, the most refined aspects of the vessels were able to ascend and became absorbed in the world of Atzilut.

What could not be elevated into Atzilut remained in Beriya and became an integral part of it. What could not be absorbed into Beriya then descended into Yetzira and Asiya.

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The aspects of the vessels that could not be absorbed in even the lowest realm of holiness became the vitality of the realms of impurity, known as the kelipot. The shattering of the sefirot of Tohu is not a coincidence, nor does it signify a flaw in the creative process. On the contrary, it serves a very specific and important purpose, which is to bring about a state of separation or partition of the light into distinct qualities and attributes, and thereby introduce diversity and multiplicity into creation, as explained above.

In addition, the shattering of the vessels of Tohu allows for the possibility of evil, and gives man the opportunity to choose between good for which he gains reward and evil for which he is punished. See beginning of Otzrot Chaim. Literally, "Book of Concealed Matters. Zohar II, ba.

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Idra Rabba , or Greater Assembly. Lesser Assembly. Here are described the passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and the teachings that he revealed just prior to his death Zohar III, bb. Etz Chaim, shaar 6, ch. The orot of the sefirot of Tohu are called nekudot for a different reason - because all of the lights are sublimated within keter. See Etz Chaim ; Shaar Hahakdamot p.

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The article makes an assumption with this statement.. It makes for great writing, and even greater commenting, almost giving us all a sense of either being in synch, or understanding the thoughts and actions of G-d the creator. I myself made a previous comment on this article. I stand corrected today as I realize my arrogance of understanding and making comments on a subject so beyond my understanding. I am a student I read and seek each day, only to realize with each passing moment, In my current existence I am unable to comprehend.

Alright, i think we can assume that the unity and absolute power of G-d was not ever far from the minds of any of thise who wrote these ideas.


But when it's said that the vessels couldn't hold, they shattered or broke, there was a problem Can the essential fact behind all that G-d did what He wished to do? Because if not, then you are describing a fallible being who's trying the best He can. I'm sure none of the writers believed that Reply. This is fascinating.. If there was just God what was He concealing from? Or are there infinite creations beyond this finite creation that don't need tzimtzum? Solomon The Wise, one who could tell apart between good and evil.

Today I keep these words in my heart and in my mind: "the shattering of the vessels of Tohu allows for the possibility of evil, and gives man the opportunity to choose between good for which he gains reward and evil for which he is punished.