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I looked around and saw a car following me closely. So I started to walk on the other side of the street and all of a sudden the car parks up ahead of me and opens his door a little so that he could easily pull me in. I thought that I was just overreacting but deep down I knew something was off, so I turned around and walked the other way. When I looked back he jumped out of the car and started to follow me.

I started to walk a little faster. I turned around and he was jogging towards me.

Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 20, ideal shelter

Should be noted that this dude was like 6'4" and at least pounds. I ran into a corner store and he ended up going in there twice — didn't buy anything, but looked right at me and grinned. I got someone to walk me home and I made sure to lock all the doors. It was the scariest thing ever and if I had kept walking I'm pretty sure something terrible would have happened. I'm so happy I listened to my gut. I even texted my boyfriend that morning around that I was feeling paranoid that someone was looking at me. Around p. I heard a very light knocking on the back door.

I peeked around the corner and saw the little neighbor boy who had just turned 2. It turns out he had opened his front door and walked right out. His parents had been searching for him for about 45 minutes, and the police were on their way. We live in an area with lots of thick woods, steep hills, and wildlife, so he could have easily been lost or severely injured. If I hadn't been paranoid and on high alert, I never would have heard the knocking on the back door.

A week or two in we had to work together on a small project and I was pretty excited about the opportunity to get to know him. After speaking to him, though, I got a really bad vibe from him, but nothing specific that I could put my finger on. I lost all attraction to him and knew that I should keep my distance. A month or two later same semester , our teacher announced that the guy had been arrested for murdering a girl he had been dating — another student at the school — and apparently it was an extremely brutal murder. He gave us the number of the detective investigating the case in case we had any info to share.

It was a little unsettling thinking about what could have happened if I had gone by physical attraction alone and not listened to my gut about this guy. I spent most of the day passing by the room and couldn't help but notice how cozy everything looked with the stuffed animals piled high on top of all the pillows on the bed. Later that night, I came home from an evening out and fell asleep on their couch. Around 1 a. Get off the couch. You should not be on the couch. I went to the guest room and snuggled underneath all the pillows and stuffed animals.

Around 4 a. Resisting the urge to call out for my dad, and see if it was him arriving home early, I decided to just text my phone was in the bed with me. When I got no response, I continued to listen I proceeded to lay in the bed underneath the stuffed animals while my family home was robbed for three hours. I heard the entire thing. At one point, one of the men even came in the room where I was, turned on the light, and just stared at the bed I was sleeping in. I don't know if it was because I was concealed under all the stuffed animals and pillows or if it was God's grace but he didn't come near me.

I waited until I heard them leave to go pack the car and then I texted a friend to call If I had never had the feeling to get up and go to the guest bed, this would probably be a different story. One day my grandmother, sister, and I were chilling in the living room when something told me to look up. The minute I looked up, I saw a toddler walking down the street alone.

I yelled that there was a baby outside and he was walking toward the interstate. My uncle dashed outside and grabbed the child before he could make it. When we brought the child back to his parents, they had no idea he wasn't even in the house. If I hadn't looked up in time, that child could have been kidnapped or killed. I couldn't stop crying. He wasn't moving enough. I was in a complete panicked state. When we got in to see the doctor, my son's heart rate was at BPM and was going into congestive heart failure. His heart was beating so fast it wasn't pumping, and all the fluid was backing up into his body.

He is 4 now and completely healthy and normal. At one point, I ate Chipotle and got super sick and chalked it up to bad food. A day or so later, I woke up with minor pain in my belly.

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It wasn't that the pain was that terrible, but something told me to go to the hospital. My mind was actually trying to talk myself out of going — it felt silly. I figured it was probably a GI issue. After going through some testing, they told me I had a ruptured ectopic at 10 weeks pregnant, and needed emergency surgery.

The doctor called me the next day to tell me I was extremely close to bleeding out and dying.

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  • I had no i idea I was hemorrhaging, and no typical signs or symptoms that I was having issues other than feeling so sick, but that was easily dismissed. I honestly don't know to this day why I went in that morning but it saved my life. My mom said I just needed time but eventually after some sketchy behavior on his end, my mom ended up discovering he had killed his wife by kicking a ladder from underneath her, hiding her body in the bushes, and then taking the kids out for a 'fun day' after school.

    Naturally, I was depressed so I spent a lot of time at a semi-private beach near my house. One day a group of people showed up and a guy kept flirting with me. Usually, I don't mind this but he gave me the creeps! Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order.

    Freud's Theories of Life and Death Instincts

    Jul 31, Alex Rubenstein rated it it was ok. Marc Schoen.

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have a Ph. I do not say this intending for readers to agree with my on an appeal to authority, but rather just to provide a foundation on which to base my critique. I felt the general thesis of this book is fair: As a result of modern conveniences, I've just finished reading 'Your Survival Instinct is Killing You", by Dr. I felt the general thesis of this book is fair: As a result of modern conveniences, we now live in a world where we are becoming less tolerant to discomfort.

    When this discomfort inevitably arises in our lives, our "survival instinct" sets in, leading to fear and panic.

    A Baby's Battle for Survival Tests How Far Neonatal Medicine Has Come | WIRED

    The book seeks to train individuals to better manage this discomfort, if even to avoid some forms of it altogether. Part 1 of the book discusses the origins of discomfort, while Part 2 is the more self-help techniques offered by Dr. I'll critique each part separately, for they are grounded in different issues. Too many case studies were used to draw general theoretical conclusions about the nature of discomfort.

    For instance, on p. Well, in some cases medication IS valuable, but the tone is such that everyone is overusing meds to deal with fear, as per your later disclaimer in Part 2 which backs off this claim a bit, p. Rather than these cases, a stronger argument from theory and scientific findings would bolster the lead-in to later assertions. But these things are lumped together as poor coping mechanisms. Some are, no doubt, but medicine does have it's place as valuable, just as it's unfair to also lump the discomfort of panic attack sufferers along with those of obese people seeking food to manage discomfort.

    Yet alas, readers may relate more to the stories and metaphors, and to the layperson "theory" has somehow become a pejorative synonym for "probably untrue". The book is pages of what could be said in Example p. And the more out of sync we become, the greater level of misalignment. My next issue was what felt like a tone of narcissism and shameless self-promotion by the author.

    We are given numerous new terminology throughout the book, which I found confusing and unscientific. Come on! Resonance is Comfort or Balance.

    In This Section

    Let Down Effect? Cozy Paradox? Lecturing Your Emotions is this possible? Conditioned Powerlessness i.