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With over 15 years is mass notification technology we've built an enterprise level infrastructure with a focus on usability which makes it easy enough for grandma to use.

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All of of your information is stored at military grade encryption. We never release, sell, or contact your contact. All your information is strictly confidential and your own information! Our amazing support teams is available 7 days a week via toll-free phone, web-based chat, and email. We're here to help you with any questions or issues you might have, anytime! Try it free Find out more. Who can benefit from using SendMyTexts Businesses SMS marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective means your business can use to increase sales.

Grab a full understanding of which SMS messages have been successfully delivered and those that have failed. We are pleased to announce that FireText have received notification of accreditation into the G Cloud 11 framework to supply SMS services to the public sector.

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Packed with Awesome Features Check them out here or sign up and play for real. When compared to traditional marketing channels including email, social media, and advertising, text messaging ranks as one of the single most effective marketing solutions. And if you don't believe us, we have the data to prove it:. Before setting off on your text message marketing journey, it's helpful to take a closer look at text messaging as a whole.

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With a greater understanding of business text messaging, enterprises and businesses are well-equipped to craft high-impact marketing and communications transactions. Short Message Service SMS is a text messaging service component supported by most telephone, internet, and mobile-ready devices.

SMS Marketing Made Easy: How to Crush Business Text Messaging

SMS allows users to send alphanumeric messages of characters or less. Regulations enforced by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act require businesses to receive subscriber confirmation before deploying text messages.

As such, subscribers must "opt-in" to receiving ongoing communications. This is typically done through a keyword and short code or widget. To streamline and organize the message delivery process, many businesses choose to partner with a text message service provider. The best texting applications are purpose-built to make business text messaging easy to understand and simple to initiate.


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Most SMS solutions offer robust features and functions including keywords, sign-up forms, drip campaigns, text forwarding, picture messaging, reporting dashboard, and more. These and other platform features allow businesses to quickly grow subscriber lists and deploy targeted, timely, and highly engaging text messages.

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As with any significant marketing decision, it's important to carefully consider text message marketing before committing fully. Before outset, be sure to get buy-in from key business stakeholders. Rally them behind your text message marketing goals and objectives and provide them with a quick roadmap towards SMS implementation and management success. The first step to launching an effective mobile marketing strategy is to identify your mobile audience. Create detailed marketing personas that pinpoint your targets' unique behavioral traits.

Persona details may include gender, income, location, interests, marital status, employment, and more. With a more intimate understanding of your user base, you are now well-equipped to build a text message marketing strategy.

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One of the core elements of success is objective setting. Ask yourself: "What are we trying to accomplish? Are you trying to drive more revenue through your marketing activities? Here is a list of possible SMS marketing objectives:. Define the primary purpose of your texting program and orient yourself around that focus. Try to establish a clear timeline and benchmark your progress around those critical dates.