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All questions are welcome such as to how to change oil, to how to tie shoes. All questions are welcome - except clear trolls, please don't be that guy.

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Be polite and respectful in your exchanges. NSQ is supposed to be a helpful resource for confused redditors. My three year old has finally become keen on pooping on the potty, because he can actually see it after. He was especially excited by the mix of brown and green that came out the day after he had Jelly Bellies for bassert last week. He was especially enthusiastic with his potty dance after that one.

When you eat ice cream does it come out as pee or poop? : NoStupidQuestions

Now if only he would go to sleep already. We escaped our power outage in a Grand Rapids Holiday Inn and both the boys are having sleep issues.

Yeah, I had a complete freakout after eating a dessert a friend made. She's a fucking hippie and as such used evaporated beet juice as a sweetener. Ahh, the pleasant, albeit disconcertingly loud snoring of the Dave. Caleb the nine year old seems to have evened out his breathing too. About bloody time. I don't know exactly what else was in that - it may actually have been something in my cilantro pasta sauce, but the beet combined with something else we ate, produced a deep, viscous red that emanated from the stool. It wasn't until another friend who ate with us that night called, freaking out about the same thing, that I realized it was probably something we had eaten.

That was not the best way to start the day though. I wasn't through my first cup of coffee and first cigarette of the day, before I was convinced I had another perforated ulcer. As mentioned, certain B vitamins can turn it neon yellow when combined with a shitton of vitamin C it starts to get opaque - which can lead one to stare for quite a while after having ingested a certain lysergic acid.

Various fungi, especially shiitake mushrooms, will turn it brownish - as can Welbutrin - both fungi and welbutrin can produce a host of odd smells in urine. Beets can produce a redish tint - though thankfully purplish enough to prevent it from appearing to be blood. Kale can produce a slightly greenish tint and very bitter, slightly musty smell. Spirulina and blue-green algae produce a blue-green tint and nutty-musty smell.

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That actually explains something I wondered about when I was on a huge juicing bent I still love juicing, but this was an obsession - back when I actually lived with the aforementioned vegan fucking hippie chick. I became particularly fond of juicing pomegranate, onion, ginger she has a Champion juicer , cabbage and carrots together Ok, I'm a fucking hippie too - plese don't tell anyone.

It actually tastes quite interesting in a good way , but I was having really dark and funky smelling stools. Given that I was mostly eating vegan with the occasional steak or hamburger on nights I didn't mind not having sex , things should have been rather lighter in color. Least ways, that would rather more comfortably explain a rash of that a couple weeks ago.


7 Creepy but (Mostly) Harmless Food and Drug Reactions

I have since gotten a firm handle on my substance abuse issues, of which daily hourly? Just two of the ones that are easily wildcrafted Ie. Hi, Thanks so much for visiting and also for the kind words. I will definitely stop by your blog. My poop was green today Sunday and yesterday morning.

Special toilet ice cream

The only thing I can think of as a reason was I ate a hedge rose made of icing from a cake firday night. Could that be why? Funny, I posed this "why is my poo poo green?

Then, after viewing some answers I figured the 8 Little Debbie Swiss Rolls I gorged on before bed had probably done the trick. Green stools are not a big deal as a rule and not a reason to worry.

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Red and discolored stools are a warning sign. The former may point to blood in your stools that's a bad symptom - ulcers, cancer or intestine damage. The latter may occur if you are taking certain medications, like simvastatin. In any case, you need to contact your doctor. I had green poop today and I was like WTF is wrong with me. Then,I came here and noticed I wasn't the only one that has green poop. I feel much better now. I thing it was from the salad I had yesterday night. Thanks Everyone. I started to study the issue of green poop after running into it oops one day myself. And I can tell you, very often it's the dyes used in foods and drinks, like dark blue dyes or Kool-Aid, or grape juice.

I would not recommend such tricks. Stop eating these foods and green poop will be gone in a couple of days. I have been having green poop for the last three days, and it's freaking me out! What can I do to make it go away? I have at least three handfuls of frozen blueberries every morning in a smoothie I've been backed up since yesterday.

I guess this explains why I just took the most massive green poo imaginable. My stool has been green for a couple of days. Also i have been detoxin my body frm alcohol. I ate a whole bag of black licorice last night but I also started to take Black Cohosh for becoming a cougar. Black or brown wee can be caused by senna, which is used in most laxative drugs. Black or brown wee can be a startling sight. In many cases, it is caused by senna, which is used in most laxative drugs.

Made from the leaves of the senna plant, it stimulates the nerves of the intestines to contract more, helping stools move faster through the gut. However, senna can be hard for the body to break down and if you take too much of it, it can cause urine to look dark. Eating too many broad beans in one sitting may also given your urine a darker tint, due to the fact that they contain a complex amino acid called L-dopa in high concentrations, which reacts with the liver's enzyme to make a black pigment.

If your urine looks cloudy, the most likely reason is a bacterial infection. If germs such as E. Cloudy or hazy urine may also be caused by crystals of minerals such as calcium or phosphorus. This could be the result of a diet very high in phosphate-rich foods, such as milk, cheese and animal organs such as liver and kidney, but Mr Laniado says it's not usually a sign of something serious.

A man's urine may also look cloudy after sex.

Disgusting Good - Modern Toilet Restaurant

During ejaculation, the semen is pushed out of the testicles and goes into the urethra - the tube that both urine and sperm pass through. Trace amounts of semen can get left in the urethra. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Colour test that can show hidden health problems: Shade of your urine can reveal everything from cancer to kidney trouble The colour of your urine can have implications for your health If it's bright yellow, the most likely cause is vitamin supplements But if your urine looks cloudy, the most likely reason is a bacterial infection By Tanith Carey for the Daily Mail Published: BST, 13 April Updated: BST, 14 April e-mail shares.

Share this article Share. Ideally, if the urine were in a clear bottle, you should be able to read a newspaper or an iPad through it. Share or comment on this article: Shade of your urine can reveal everything from cancer to kidney trouble e-mail Comments Share what you think.

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